Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thinking ahead to the weekend

Today was my day off work.  This morning was Breakfast Club so when the students left and we were done cleaning up, I spent it at the dog park with Vince, Madeline and Jocelyn for part of the morning.  After that, Vince & I just hung out.  I often think about my life with Vince; he is the even keel part of our relationship.  He remains constant.  You can predict what he'll say, what his action will be, what he thinks even before you ask him the question or ask his opinion.  I, on the other hand, fluctuate between crazy and crazier!   Although there was one time when Vince was straight out of character.  He bought this house that we live in now without me even seeing it.  Sure I saw the outside of the house, but I sat on the steps outside while he viewed the inside.  So that was Vince's "crazy" moment that he has had that I can recall in the forty years that I've known him.  Forty years.... a long time.

Around lunch time I made some turkey soup.  I've never made turkey soup before.  The noodles got HUGE!  What's with that?  I think it should just be called turkey noodle.  No soup.  In over fifty years I've never made turkey soup.  Fifty years... a long time.

This weekend my family is joining the Trotman family in the "bum run".  It is a colon cancer awareness fundraiser.  My pastor, Tim Trotman, died of colon cancer on September 22, 2009.  He was 42.  Forty two... that's not a long time.

I was thinking that I do have a really busy week.  Actually, I was feeling rather stressed over it all.  Wednesday:  Breakfast Club @ 6:30 am, School 9:00 am, my Teacher-Librarian will be in for the morning, work until 3:00pm, pick up grandkids @ 3:10, come home and start supper; Board meeting @ 7:30 until ?  Thursday, mostly the same.  Friday, only working until 2:30...  I don't think I am stressed because I'm too busy.  I think I  am stressed because I have a friend who dearly misses her husband and her three kids miss their dad.  Pastor Tim meant a lot to my family but that pales to what he meant to his family.  I am going to support my family and my adopted sister and boys this weekend as we raise awareness about colon cancer.  I am busy, no doubt, but this is another reminder that some people don't get fifty years before they learn how to make a pot of soup.  Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?  Do what's important to support those that are important to you.

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