Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bum Run 2011

It started about 8 weeks ago for Jocelyn and Kerby.  Training for a 5K run to raise awareness for colorectal cancer.  Stacey joined in about 2 weeks in to the training.  Last night, we picked up a new white t-shirt for Madeline since she'd outgrown the one from last year, and I needed one since I hadn't participated last year.  This was Kerby's third 5K run.  She ran the year Pastor Tim Trotman died, 2009.  Last year, Kerby, Stacey, Jocelyn and Madeline participated last year with Pastor Tim's wife and three boys.

This year, Team Tim grew a couple more people - Suzanne, Justin, Zac and Jeremy, Kerby, Stacey, Campbell, Jocelyn, Madeline and I made the 2011 team.   Madeline and I did the children's 1K run/walk and the rest did the 5K.  We had cheerleaders in Andrew and Kassandra.  :)

However, as I ironed the t-shirts from last year and ironed on the transfers on the new shirts, tears welled up.  Nobody wants to hear the word cancer.  And yet, every time you turn around, it impales a family you know and love.  This morning as we got ourselves ready to go at 6:45 am to head to Hamilton, I was overwhelmed once more.  This time, I was so proud of my kids.  Kerby and Campbell were such encouragement for Jocelyn to train and remind her that she could do it.  Stacey was that prodding force and challenger to keep going too.  Jocelyn is 11 weeks pregnant and could have used that as an excuse, but she wanted to prove something to herself and finish a commitment she had made to herself.  I was proud of Suzanne and those amazing boys to stand in the place of their dad and husband.  I was overwhelmed to be a part of it all.  As we left in the morning, the sun was just rising.  It reminded me that just as that light began to shine on our day and spread over it, we have the opportunity each day to be that light in the lives of those we meet.

To end it off, Jocelyn finished her 5K without stopping!  AND, she finished it under an hour!  AND Zac came in third and Jeremy came in fourth in their age category.  An emotional day, with a great ending.

In memory of Pastor Tim Trotman.

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