Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas.  I know that the celebration is because of Christ.  Christ is the reason I have a family.  He demonstrates for us how to love.  I am  so blessed.  This Christmas was another reminder of how much He loves me.  Our family exchanged gifts and those were well received and accepted.

However, this was a great Christmas for other reasons.  Christmas morning, Greg and Reanne sent their Christmas gift via video.  It was in that video that we saw a bun in the oven with a pregnancy tester read "positive"!  Yup, their having a baby in August 2012, God willing.  That'll make two new babies in 2012.  Jocelyn & Mark are due in May!  Our third addition to our family will be when Kerby marries Jeremy.  Next Christmas will be busier again!

Boxing day was my biggest surprise though.  I had ordered some Tupperware through a friend of Greg.  Greg then said that someone from his church was flying in to Toronto to visit his son.  He said this man would be willing to bring my large tupperware order.  However, this meant that I'd need to be at the airport Boxing Day morning at 7:30am.  I knew I had company coming at noon, but I also knew I'd be back in time.  So off I went at 6:30 am with Jocelyn and Stacey.  The man said he'd be wearing a brown sports jacket, blue shirt and blue tie.  He'd be standing outside between pillars 12 - 14.  As we approached pillar 12, I slowed down to a crawl looking for the described man.  Stacey noticed another man wearing a grey pea-coat waving.  She said that he was waving at us.  I didn't know why, but I started to back up to see if it was the tupperware delivery man.  I was almost there when he removed his scarf from his face.  Stacey said that he looked like Greg!  IT WAS GREG!   The car went into park and right there in the middle of the roadway, I ran and cried and hugged him so hard.  I was shocked to say the least.  Thank you Reanne for giving me another Christmas gift!!!

My great-niece, Laura-lea, had a baby on Feb.6, 2011.  Because of Laura-lea's health, she is unable to care for him.  Fortunately for all of us, he went through a kin-adoption.  Heather has adopted him and is willing to keep his extended family connected to him.  I had made arrangements with her to have him visit our house for the first time on Boxing Day.  Unknown to me, my niece, Karen, was making arrangements for my other great-nieces and great-nephews to visit.  Soon, our home was filled!  It was wonderful!

My great-great nephew, Kyle, played for a long time with different toys that his mommy brought as well as some that I had here.  He is so smart and such a happy baby!  He has a really big smile too!  He has a lot of similarities to Jeramie Gallichan.  Those features of big brown eyes and a little button nose are so adorable!  Then my great niece, Becky, came with her husband Naz.  Such a cute couple.  They are also very sweet - always so positive!

Soon, my great nephew, Jeramie, brought his little boy, my great great nephew, Parker, to visit!  He likes to stroll around the house.  He also has those some big brown eyes and little button nose.  Strong family Gallichan trait for sure!  My sister, Sandra, would be so proud of her grandchildren and they way they are bringing up their little babies.  She'd love Parker and Kyle so much.  They'd be spoiled rotten for sure!

All this while, my nephew, Kirk, and my niece, Karen, and her daughter, my great niece, Haylee visited.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It's so great to be able to celebrate a season of hope with those that we hope for the most.  We hope they have good health.  We hope that they are loved.  We hope.  Christmas 2011 is another memory that will be hard to top.  Merry Christmas!

Today, is my son's birthday.  Campbell was and is a blessing to our family is well.  Happy birthday, Campbell!  Your family loves you forever and always!