Friday, October 21, 2011

Domain or no domain... that's the question

Over the last year, since we've started this project, several people have asked me if we have a website for the Swaziland Library Project.  "Uh... nope"... is the answer.  For two reasons 1.  I'm no technical wizard and 2. Why would you need one for a short term project?

What defines a "short term project" anyhow?  This library project has sort of taken a life of its own.  Over these last eighteen months of collecting, sorting, cataloguing, labeling, shelving and packing I was discouraged a gazillion times over.  I could never figure out why the "church", the larger body of Christ, not just my own local church, wasn't running with this ball.  Why was it that it seemed like so many people outside of the church thought it was a good idea but the church hung back and watched.  They encouraged from time to time, but why didn't they jump in?  Why was it that these outside people were running with the ball?  And why were they asking me for a website?

All I ever wanted to do was to help a vision Campbell had from a mission trip to Swaziland become a reality. Pack a few hundred books in a few boxes and call it a day.  Well the story wasn't mine to create.  I believe that Campbell was being directed by a force much stronger than his mother.  He was being directed by his Father.  Several times I wondered what the heck are we doing?  This doesn't even make sense!  Why us?  Does He really know what He's asking us to do?  Are we really doing what He wants us to do?   In writing this blog, I've had a revelation.  Almost two years later.  It isn't about them.  It's about me.  Who was I going to be?  Was I going to be like Noah or like the members of his community?  Was I going to listen to what Campbell was saying and get "building" or was I just going to watch?

This past summer at the Riverview Family Camp, Jim Chapman of Big Chap Ministries was our evangelist.  He said to do whatever God is asking you to do.  Do what you know He is asking you to do.  He said, "Look at Noah!  He was building a boat.  He was building a big boat while others stood around and laughed and watched this seemingly foolish man build something out of wood.  Noah and his neighbours hadn't even seen rain before.  Big Chap asked, "How many of those people were laughing when they were doing the back float during the flood?"  Noah had no idea why he was doing what he did, he just did it because he was asked to do it by his Father.  Noah encouraged others to join him earlier, but they didn't.   Noah completed a job that saved humanity and gave us a second chance.

These libraries were completed by people who followed a young boy's vision.  These libraries have the potential to save the children of Swaziland and give them a second chance.  So what does this all have to do with a website domain or no domain?  I'm not really too sure.  LOL!  I know that I have a free website up and running (well, there are a few glitches because, remember, I'm no technical wizard).   But a name is important.  If I was going to buy a domain for this library project, it has to be a name that reflects what it is and what it is meant to do.  If you are reading this and are inspired with a domain name, please leave a comment.  Like what about  What about

There's something about a name....  there's something about That name.

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  1. I absolutely understand what you are saying. Sometimes the Church just needs a good kick in the pants. Good for you for following your son's vision. What an awesome privilege for you to work along side him and believe in his dream. How about a domain called or Just two suggestions but I am sure I won't be able to sleep tonight thinking up a million more. Good luck with this project, I think it is amazing.