Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marilyn Denis Show

Today, my daughter, Jocelyn and I went to the Marilyn Denis Show in Toronto. We were up early to leave for 6:15 to catch the GO Train in Milton. It was a great trip in with the least amount of stress in regards to traffic. :)

Once after a couple of stops the Train was full with people standing in our train car. Once we arrived at Union Station, we went to McDonalds to get a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. The coffee was disappointing since it was a small size instead of a large. But if that's all that disappoints me today, that'd be ok with me.

We left Union Station on the Front Street side of the building and went down to York, walked up to Queen and then down to John. It was a great day... sunny and warm. When we arrived at the Marilyn Denis Show, we realized that I didn't have any identification with me. Jocelyn texted home to have Mark take a picture of my passport and send it to Jocelyn's phone.

When we went in we had to announce our names to the person at the registration desk. Right away the lady there knew us because I had submitted our family to the Marily Denis Show for the "Family Fit" contest. What is that you ask? It's an opportunity for your family to meet their fitness and nutrition experts to help your family get back on track... and some of us in my family can't even see the track... or maybe it's our feet we can't see. But, whatever it is, we need help! Last week Kerby used her iPhone to video tape Jennifer, Jocelyn, Stacey & me and we had Greg send a separate video for himself. Jeremy edited the footage and produced a really cool video that we posted on YouTube. We sent in the url to the video and then today we dropped off our own memory stick with the video on it.

Sharon, a producer for the show, came down to meet Jocelyn and I before the show. She asked us about our eating habits, exercise habits and other facts about our family. Before she left, she asked us what our schedules were like for availability to tape. What does that mean? hmmmm... time will tell.

We had a great trip back via GO Bus and then stopped and stuffed ourselves at Swiss Chalet in Milton. Our server was Dawn. She seemed like she was having a loooong day. We prayed for Greg & Reanne and decisions that they have to make and we prayed for Dawn and our meal. On our return home, we decided to go and watch Campbell's cross-country run in Bechtel Park, Waterloo. He did very well. :)

Got home and my dog... love my dog soooo much, and my dog was not feeling well. I wonder if she ate something bad outside? I hope not. Vince made a great supper (again) and I just thought... I need to start a blog. This might be tough, but I'm going to try and post often. There's always strange things happening in our family. This will be our effort to keep you informed on what's happening!


  1. Another blog to read and enjoy!!!! Love your family. Good Luck with the Marylin Dennis Family fitness thing.

  2. Looking forward to following your blog Marg. You have a great family and I love hearing stories about them. I especially love to hear about your adventures because they always are ADVENTURES! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your Family Fit opportunity.

  3. This is wonderful! Love to follow your adventures! Good luck!

  4. Love your blog! My husband used to be a youth pastor in the same district as Greg, tho we're from Ontario (Owen Sound and Burlington areas) too. I have a blog about my weight loss journey, if you're ever looking for something to read. :)