Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Evaluation Day

Today, we drive to Vaughn for an evaluation.  A body fat and muscle evaluation.  I think I'll leave that statement right there.  This whole Marilyn Denis Show is scary for me actually.  It started out as, "Let's apply.", then it developed to, "Let's do a video."  Whoever thought that our family would have been chosen.

It is a big commitment as well.  I mean, getting healthy is a commitment so I don't know why I'm surprised.  As I look back at the time I spend each day doing things, I begin to panic and wonder if I can fit this in.  Jocelyn often laughs when I talk about how busy other people are.  I never thought of myself as busy.  I always just accepted that I did this or that each day.  I guess I never saw those things as busyness or work because I like doing them. I wonder if that is why I am feeling anxious about this challenge.  What if I don't like doing what they suggest?  What if .... I don't know, fill in the blank.

As I typed those words above, I remembered a quote from my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Bogle.  She always said, "Don't borrow trouble."  In other words, don't dwell on what might happen - because it may not happen.  A rocking chair is like worry.  Keeps you busy but gets you nowhere.

Here's another thought that just crossed my mind.  What if I like doing the exercise?  What if I like the life-style change?  There's a thought for ya!  Everything we do, starts with a thought.  I need to embrace those positive thoughts.  That's my New Year's resolution.  I'm going to think positive.  Competitive athletes envision themselves winning.  They play over and over in their minds how they are going to execute the details of their sport.  They think positive.  What's the outcome?  They have played over and over in their minds what they would do in a situation, so they are ready to face it when they see it.

I'm going to do that too!  I'm going to start to envision myself facing my day and my new life-style changes.  I don't know what that is yet, but as I learn what they are, I'll focus on those things.  Besides, I draw strength from the One who created me and He will strengthen me all the way.

So, today, I face a day of finding out some things about my body I didn't know before.  And... if you don't know what's broke, you can't fix it.   With that in mind, I'm going to find out today another part of the "Marg" puzzle and start to do some repairs.  Tomorrow, January 5th, filming starts at my house, Jenn's house and Jocelyn's house.  They are going to be filming on Friday as well.  Stacey will be filmed on Friday.  Kerby will be interviewed on Thursday.  Friday they will be filming me at school and at Breakfast Club.  We have to import some kids for that day.

Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, I'm thrilled that this is starting.  It is going to mean a healthier body for all of us.  Walk along side and encourage us please.  Laugh with us too... I'm sure there will be lots of that to go around!!!

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