Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Fitness Evaluation

Monday, January 9th, we drove EARLY in the morning to arrive near Bloor and Jane to Think Fitness Studio in Toronto for 8:00 am.  We were to meet the fitness expert of the Marilyn Denis Show.  His name is Brent Bishop.  We got lost coming off of Dundas Street and was able to get clear directions from someone at Tim Hortons.  Wouldn't be a normal day of me driving somewhere unfamiliar if I didn't get lost.  I was going to say, "at least I didn't end up in the wrong city" but that'd be a lie.  We ended up in Mississauga instead of Toronto, but I digress. We finally ended up in Toronto at the correct location.

We took the elevator up to the second floor... why didn't we take the stairs?  LOL  After all, isn't it about fitness?  I actually didn't see a stairs sign.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  None of us have a gym bag or anything like that.  I walked in carrying a grocery bag containing my clothes and running shoes.  Jocelyn did the same, and Stacey brought Jenn's and her things in a backpack.  We must have looked like rookies!  As we got to the door, we removed our outer shoes and walked in.  There we met Brent.  His smile was huge!  He genuinely seemed happy to meet us.  He looked at each of us and knew our names too!  That was a great feeling.  He had water bottles ready for us and just made us feel really at ease.  Brent brought us into his office where he discussed his philosophy of training and what we can expect.  He asked us about our goals and our obstacles.  After that was done, it was off to the change room.

He broke us up into teams of two.  Each of us did thirteen minutes on the treadmill to see our endurance and our heart recovery.  I've never used a treadmill before so I was a little nervous.  After that, we had our body fat measured.  Yeah...  We did push ups, wall sits, and planking. We did a flexibility test... I discovered I'm not flexible  LOL.  One of the toughest ones for me, after sit ups, was depth squats.  YIKES!  I hope that gets better.  At the end of the time, we were tired.  He said we did great and he has benchmarks for each of us.  I don't know how often we'll work with him.  We are going to be given a secondary fitness person in Cambridge to work with us from time to time.

When we were done at the Think Fitness Studio, we had an appointment at the Marilyn Denis studio for before shots.  We met Sharon and Seta once again.  They set up a white back drop and the photographer, John, came down and instructed us as he shot us.  John was quite animated as he forecasted six months time and he shoots the after shots of our new selves.  He told us to plan a night out on the town!  You know, I think we should!  A play and a wonderful healthy dinner for my family would be a great way to celebrate a new lifestyle!

I don't know if it's wishful thinking or not, but everyone seems so supportive - co-workers, extended family members, friends, co-volunteers, and even my facebook "family" of friends.  I hope God strengthens me through this.  I hope He shows me what He wants for me and the changes He wants me to make in order to serve Him as I was created to do.

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