Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Week's Gone By

This week has been a week that went by really fast.  Last weekend I got some sort of virus that attacked my voice and then it just sort of lingered throughout the rest of the week with a nagging cough.  I left work early on Monday to come home because I just couldn't stop coughing.  I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

Wednesday we had a birthday party for Stacey.  All year long I was convinced she was turning twenty years old.  Well, lo and behold, she was actually turning twenty one!  Where did I lose a year?  In fact where have the last twenty one years gone by?  I remember the week prior to Stacey being born very vividly.  I had a Health and Safety training session at Colson Casters the day before her due date.  Her due date was November 8th.  The Sales Manager had two tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game at the old Maple Leaf Gardens arena.  He gave them to me as proud as can be.  I couldn't say no, but at the same time realized it wasn't too bright to go so far away from home with your fifth pregnancy on your due date.  I took the tickets and thought I could give them away.  I called Vince at home and told him about the tickets.  He was so excited.  He had always wanted to go to a Maple Leaf game.  (Why?  I am not so sure.)  When I said that I couldn't go, it was hard for him to hide his disappointment.  He understood why we couldn't go and said that there would be another time.  A few minutes later I suggested that he still go and that he take his brother Brian.  He paused for a bit and then asked me if I was sure, and then he said he would get back to me.

About two hours later, Vince came to the office and brought me a single red rose.  He was so grateful that he could go to the game.  He then began to be a little concerned about it being my due date and all.  I told him that if the baby was going to arrive before he got back, I would understand and he could meet the baby then. He hesitated a bit but gave me a kiss and almost ran out the door before he could change his mind.  I finished my Health and Safety training and I could feel some real tightening begin to happen in my abdomen.  I got home, fixed supper for the kids and began to watch the hockey game after the kids were in bed.  During the evening, I had several small contractions.  I was secretly relieved when the game ended and I knew that Vince would be on his way home.

Vince got in shortly after midnight and he was very animated about the events of the night and his first professional hockey game.  We went to bed and he still was talking about the night when I fell asleep.  A few hours later, I was awaken by such strong contractions.  I woke Vince up and we timed them and they were come fast and strong.  We called the doctors office as instructed and were told to head out to the hospital.  We had my things already packed, called a neighbour to watch the kids and out we went.  My neighbours, Colin and Anita Vanderploeg, must have heard the commotion outside our door as we gave last minute instructions for the kids' morning routines to the neighbour.  The Vanderploegs slid open their bedroom window screen and stuck their heads out and waved goodbye and good luck.  We arrived at the hospital shortly after 4:00 am and our little pink bundle was born just over an hour and a half later.

We hadn't decided on a name.  I decided that her middle name would be Rose after the red rose Vince had given me the night before.  Good thing he didn't give me carnations or a chrysanthemum, eh?  So our little bundle was known as Baby Rose for about four days.  We couldn't decide on a name.  We finally agreed on Stacey and registered her birth as Stacey Rose Stahlbaum.  Twenty one years later.... where did the time go?

Our family celebrated Mark's birthday on Thursday this week as well.  He's so much fun to give a gift to.  Everything seems like a big deal to him.  He is so easy to please.  He wanted a couple of new sweaters so that's what he got with a dress shirt and a movie.  Mark did a little fashion show for us as is customary to those that receive clothes as gifts in our house.  Stacey, however, didn't ask for clothes this birthday.  Well, she did ask for gloves or ear muffs, but she wanted a filing cabinet.  Jocelyn and I laughed hard at this when we saw her birthday list.  What child do you know asks for a filing cabinet?  Yeah, didn't think you would know of any!  I did find a really nice credenza style two drawer filing cabinet.  She was so thrilled with that gift.  It even locks.  She was fun to watch set that up in her room too.   She did warn Kerby, however, that she wasn't allowed to put anything in it.  I bet it will stay locked until Kerby moves out next summer after her wedding.  Those two are funny to watch.

This weekend was low key.  It was fun to reflect on the week.  So much happened and yet it doesn't seem like it was really.  We were busy at the warehouse setting up and getting ready for the input of information to begin.  I wonder what the next twenty one years will hold, God willing.

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